Browned Butter & Sugar

Every day is a recipe adventure…

  • Sometimes Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do…
    Every once in awhile I have to make a dreaded trip. I dislike the drive. I dislike the area I'm going to. I dislike how it drains me emotionally. It gets harder and harder each time I go. Especially when it doesn't seem like I will get to do anything relaxing while I'm there. Granted, … Read more
  • And It’s Only Tuesday…
    I work in customer service. Some weeks are worse than others. This has been a rough week already. And it's only Tuesday. I'm not sure why people think that just because they can't see your face, you are just some robot voice on the other end of the telephone line and that it is ok … Read more
  • Eeeeeewwwww, Meatloaf.
    Click here to print recipe. I remember as a kid, I hated meatloaf. I loathed it. The only thing worse than meatloaf was a cold, leftover, meatloaf sandwich in my lunch the next day. My mother was not the best cook, but she tried and maybe if she would have had a larger food budget, … Read more
  • Irish Stew and Cheddar Batter Bread
    Click here to print Irish Stew. Click here to print Cheddar Batter Bread. It started snowing here at 6 AM. It is still snowing 10 hours later, so we decided maybe today was a good day to just hole up and stay warm. Normally that is not what we do, we go do whatever we … Read more
  • Day 2 Of The Hostage Situation
    It's been a long time since I was sick. Like, running a fever sick. I was bracing for the worst, I was sure I was going to get the creeping crud. Yes, I got the flu shot. Yes, I know there are many types of flu. No, the flu shot didn't give me the flu. … Read more
  • Fougasse, Herbed Flatbread
    Click here to print recipe! So the other day, I took a mental health day. I needed to do something to work through some stress and sadness. It was that day a good friend was being laid to rest and I had struggled with making the 4 hour trip to attend. I opted to stay … Read more

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