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Every day is a recipe adventure…

  • I’m not aging, I’m marinating!
    A little while ago, I celebrated a birthday. Sometimes I forget it's coming since it is so soon after Christmas, everyone is just coming down off the holiday rush and most times I'd really like it to sneak by. But it isn't THAT close, it's just far enough away from all the ruckus of December … Read more
  • Lunch Lady Brownies
    I remember when I was a kid the lunch lady was the most awesome person at school. She made hot lunches that rivaled meals at home and she made DESSERT! Our lunch lady was more than willing to share recipes with the students. The Golden Child, my brother, loved the one called Peanut Butter Fingers. … Read more
  • Velcro Dog
    We have a velcro dog. We've always had dogs, but this one is especially needy and clingy. I'm fairly certain he thinks he is a people. He is often mistaken for a Doberman but he is actually a Black and Tan Coonhound and Lab mix. And yep – he most definitely has the hound howl! … Read more
  • Smoked Pork Shoulder
    So last week I needed to pop on by the local Meiers and pick up a couple things for tacos and a lasagna casserole I was making in the next couple days. I had my list, I was just going in for 3 or 4 things. STICKING TO THE LIST. Nothing else. To insure that … Read more

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