Quit saving, start cooking!

I’m glad you stopped by! For so many years I have saved recipes, cookbooks, scraps of paper, family scribbling, recipes clipped from packaging and newspapers. Then in the 90’s the world exploded with internet recipes and I printed and put in 3 ring binders, added to MasterCook software, joined and then started my own recipe and cooking mailing lists and websites (anyone remember Geocities?) and on and on! I was hooked!

Maybe it is because my mother was not a fancy cook, but I embraced the colors and flavors of foods I had never heard of or tasted! I was on a taste adventure and I was loving it! Recipes had opened a whole new world to me. As I ventured to try new flavors I collected so many more recipes than I could EVER make. I’ve thought about that often over the last couple years as I began to weed out my printed recipes – my first stop is always the internet so I thought , ditch the paper! Then I began thinking why not selectively ditch recipes and try out some of these lost gems? Maybe even share the good ones and make it worth hauling them around for years?

So here I am. Ready to simmer, sauce, bake, saute, grill, and roast my way into 2020. We have gotten away from scratch cooking over the past year or two and I feel the need to get back in it. I hope you stick around to try some of these recipes with me, offer your input and suggestions, maybe even try something new and enjoy the adventure!

A recipe is a story that ends with a good meal.

Pat Conroy

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