Buon Appetito!

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So lets get down to it!!

I’ve always hated going to a website to see a recipe and having to scroll through pictures and step by step instructions just to see an ingredient list. Since I’m doing this my way, I’ll be putting the recipe at the top.

My method of deciding what to make for dinner consists of a very precise and complicated process, consisting of menus and a schedule of processes to make your meal the best it can be and on time. NOT. I go to the freezer, close my eyes, grab a package of something and hit Pinterest. Eccolo! Meal planned.

This Italian Beef recipe is one of the best I’ve had and I’ve tried many! I usually use my crock pot but since my roast was only partially thawed and it was a last minute attempt at dinner, I pulled out my Crock Pot Express (like an instant pot, but the pan inside is nonstick and some other technical stuff). In less than 90 minutes, that chuck roast I chucked in (HA! I kill me!) was so tender it was falling apart before I could shred it. In fact, I basically ended up pressing the pieces with a fork and they came apart nicely.

And this was the point I realized I had no hoagie rolls or provolone…. Piggly Wiggly and I have a love/hate relationship, I hate forgetting things and it loves to invite me back. So I went.

In the end, we had some pretty fabulous sandwiches, the meat was very tender – not dry like it can sometimes get in the crock pot. I think the cut of roast helped with that. The little bit of fat on a chuck roast really helps with keeping things tasty and tender.

We always put cheese between the bun and meat to help keep the bread together and a bit more dry. Most times I top with cheese and melt, then top with giardiniera (considered Chicago Style). Don’t plan on leftovers!

And there you have it! Please don’t lick your computer screen, it won’t taste the same! So until next time – Ciao!

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