Smoked Pork Shoulder

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So last week I needed to pop on by the local Meiers and pick up a couple things for tacos and a lasagna casserole I was making in the next couple days. I had my list, I was just going in for 3 or 4 things. STICKING TO THE LIST. Nothing else.

To insure that is what I did, I planned to combine this errand when I was out with the husband. That way I wouldn’t lollygag and wander EVERY FLIPPIN’ AISLE in the store, a 3 hour tour (cue Gilligan’s Island music). This plan failed miserably.

I tried to hurry past the deli, the inside Starbucks, and fresh seafood counter, my eyes and feet set on the international foods aisle for tortillas. As I am passing the hot deli food, which is placed near the fresh meat, my husband wanders off into the meat department. This could be bad. Really bad. Let’s never mind we have a freezer full of meat, veggies, bread, ice cream and any manner of anything that can be frozen (maybe even some things that shouldn’t), they might be having a fantastic sale on something that will never be available EVER again.

I pick up speed, aiming to pass through the meat department and thinking, “Whew, I’ve made it past the beef, just a few more strides….”

“Hey babe…. They have pork ribs on sale.”

I skip a step and pause, thinking. “We still have a couple racks in the freezer.” Put my running shoes back on and pick up the pace. I get maybe 3 more steps.

“Wow. Pork shoulder is on sale, that would be good on the EGG for carnitas or pulled pork. We could do that this weekend and have the kids over.”

Crap, yea it would. I hesitate, actually stop. Maybe it isn’t a very good price. “How much is it?”

“Buck sixty nine a pound.”

Me thinking again, “Crap, that is a good price. Is there room in the freezer next to the turkey we got for 69 cents a pound near Thanksgiving to get an extra one? Probably…” I reply, “How much is it normally?”

“$3.99 a pound.” Now I back up to the cooler, I’m caught. Hook, line, and sinker. Right there by the seafood department.

“Uh, ok let’s get one, we can do it up on Saturday or Sunday.” Two went in the cart. TWO. Ok, whatevs, lace up those sneakers and put it into gear. Let’s get moving.

Two more steps. To the next end cooler on the aisle. “Hey babe.” OH for Pete’s sake. This was suppose to be my fail-safe way to get out of there without a cart full of things that were not on THE LIST.

“Mmmmhmmm?” Just keep walking, tortillas, tortillas, tortillas…

“Pork loin is on sale too. $1.99 a pound.” I stop. I’m almost sure we have at least some of one we had cut into boneless chops in the freezer.

“I think we still have some.”

“You sure?” No, not really, and it is a good price…. One gets tossed in the cart, and we finally make it out of the meat department.

I sent him back to find Chihuahua or Cotija cheese in the specialty cheese department to keep him busy and raced through the rest of my list. What should have taken 15 or 20 minutes, took about an hour. So much for my plan.

This is typically how things go for us. And I’m ok with it. We rarely plan ahead, most of the time our life is spur of the moment and spontaneous.

So Sunday, we did one of the pork shoulders. And it was delicious, juicy and flavorful. That man of mine has some really good ideas!

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