Lunch Lady Brownies

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I remember when I was a kid the lunch lady was the most awesome person at school. She made hot lunches that rivaled meals at home and she made DESSERT!

Our lunch lady was more than willing to share recipes with the students. The Golden Child, my brother, loved the one called Peanut Butter Fingers. I’ll post that one soon, but this brownie recipe is like the ones I remember from grade school, when school lunches were eaten joyously, because they tasted good and not scowled at and thrown in the trash because it isn’t appetizing or the reheated product’s texture and taste is “gross”.

I remember all kinds of homemade lunch lady meals. I took these brownies into work and of course they sparked conversations. We reminisced about sloppy joes, blondies, pumpkin bars, chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes, pizza, chili, spoon tacos, and the pinnacle of bread, school yeast rolls. I remember sitting down with my mom and deciding which days were going to be hot lunch days. It was always fun when we had holiday lunches with clever names for the dishes.

It was mentioned at work, I had been “authorized” to bring in another batch for testing. My husband has also decided this recipe should be made again. I think it’s the icing that makes it a hit and so different than a box brownie! Either way, I’m positive this recipe will make it’s way into a regular rotation of goodies at our house.

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