Day 2 Of The Hostage Situation

It’s been a long time since I was sick. Like, running a fever sick. I was bracing for the worst, I was sure I was going to get the creeping crud. Yes, I got the flu shot. Yes, I know there are many types of flu. No, the flu shot didn’t give me the flu. Geez.

I remember as a kid all the things you were suppose to do when you were sick, eat crackers, drink 7Up, sleep, watch TV, so on my way home from bailing out of work, I stopped to stock up. Flu meds. Check. Pretzels and crackers. Check. 7Up. Check. Ooooo, is that ginger ale? I really like ginger ale, so…. Check. I tried not to touch anything I wasn’t buying and didn’t breathe or cough on anyone. I didn’t want to be the one who spread the creeping crud all over town.

The minute I walked in the door of home, Velcro Dog knew something was up. He brought his waggly eyebrows and floppy ears over to peer at my congested self. As soon as I sat down, he was in my lap. 65 pound coonhound mix that thinks he is a lapdog. But he is a great nurse and makes a fantastic heating blanket. We also have cats so when he wasn’t monitoring my condition, there was a cat checking things out. I needed the heat, fever and chills were having a heyday taking turns to see who could make me more miserable. Sweater on. Sweater off. Sweater on. Velcro Dog was not amused about my quality as a patient who just rested and let him rest.

Things are so much different now that years ago. Getting sick now is so complicated. Worse if you have school age children. Calling off from work because you are sick, almost feels illegal. And if you are fine but you have a kid home from school sick, that’s unimaginable. What has happened in our society that we can’t even take a sick day without feeling extremely guilty about it AND having to bring a Drs note to WORK to prove you or your child were ill? We lose pay for not being there, and then have to pay a Dr to say “Yep. You got the flu.” When we already know that? Yikes. This world.

It took me two days to get this out of my system – the flu. Headache, fever, chills, body aches, cough and congestion. So maybe the flu shot only allowed me to have a mild case instead of a full blown virus. Or maybe I was just lucky I didn’t get a different strain. Either way, I’m back to my normal, sarcastic self. And I am sure everyone is thrilled! If not because my sarcasm is back , maybe just because I can make something tasty to share!

So now I am off to figure out what sort of tasty goodness I can present as a peace offering for spreading the creeping crud. I’ll report back with a recipe soon!

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