Spring Fever

Click here to print Overnight Cinnamon Rolls.

Oh my-lanta! It is really been a gorgeous warm-up this weekend. A very welcome change from the snow and cold. It made me want to throw open the windows and gave me a new energy for grilling and baking!

I took full advantage of the spring fever bug and searched out some recipes that fit my need for a baking burst. I found this awesome recipe for Cinnamon Rolls and made my daughter-in-law a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for her birthday. Hers is the last birthday in our string of February birthdays (whew!) so we can take a break from cakes for a bit! I will probably switch to tarts since I just got some new tart pans. In fact, I looked up a recipe for a lemon tart while I was rifling through the internet and bought the lemons so that will probably be up next!

But back to these delicious Easy Overnight Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls, super easy, sticky and soft! One of the easiest recipes I have used for breakfast rolls. I really like the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, but if I don’t want to take the extra time making my own dough – these are going to be a great go to! AND I’m already thinking of ways to change them up for orange rolls or maybe even an apple version….

We also decided to pull The Egg out and grill some awesome burgers for dinner. When I told the youngest boy child we were grilling burgers out, he decided we needed cheese stuffed burgers. He proceeded to make the patties and stuff with a very large slice of American cheese (because it is what we had hanging around), sometimes I wish he would go to culinary school. The boy has skills. So he made 3 HUGE burgers stuffed with cheese and seasoned with “Burger and Chop Seasoning”, which is some blend we have stuck up in the cabinet, not sure what all is in it but it is quite tasty. Like I said, they were HUGE, in fact my husband referred to them as meatloaves, not burgers. No sides were made, they were that big.

When we do burgers I always use an 85/15 beef, I’m not sure what anyone else uses but I find they don’t shrink as much and retain a much “beefier” flavor than 80/20 and are more moist than the 90/10 beef. Thoughts? Either way they turned out delicious as you can see in the pictures below and he stuffed them perfectly, they didn’t leak at all…

I’m sure the weather is just teasing us, we are going to have some much colder days ahead before the real warm-up starts but it has been wonderful the last couple of days and it gives one hope for the new life Spring brings every year!

Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.

– Lewis Grizzard

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