Instant Pots, Crock Pots, and Skillets! Oh My!

Hot German Potato Salad – Crock Pot Express Method

Click here to print Hot German Potato Salad.

So a little over a year ago, I convinced myself I probably wouldn’t die from an “Instant Pot Incident”. I did the research and took the plunge. I bought the Crockpot Express thinking I could get rid of my crock pot and consolidate appliances. Haha! Like that would ever happen, I need a room of its own to just store small kitchen appliances!

I’m a gadget queen, I love new things for the kitchen. I try to limit myself but sometimes it is impossible. You see, I have a husband (a super fantastic one!) and he loves to spoil me. He knows I love kitchen stuff and if I try to talk myself out of it, he talks me into it.

Kitchen gadgets are like the adult version of Barbie. Each one makes you want another. This one comes in an awesome colors so it’s like Mermaid Barbie. This one is special for Italian or Chinese food, so it’s like an International Barbie. Some gadgets are specialized for one specific thing, those are the Career Barbies. You get the idea, and as you may have guessed – my mind can be a strange place sometimes.

So I have Crock Pots, an electric ice cream maker, electric fondue pots, Lodge iron skillets, a Le Creuset and Staub enameled cookware (I’m a sucker for pretty cast iron cookware), a waffle iron, mixers, a mandoline, an immersion blender, Ninja kitchen blender/processors, a Foodsaver and I don’t know what else spread out in my house. So I have an addiction. To kitchen stuff. And I have a dealer….my husband. Now I just need a HUGE room to organize and store it in.

I am really glad I took the plunge on the Crock Pot Express (CPE) though. If you haven’t heard of them or seen/used one and you do a bit of cooking – Check it out. It has made my meal prep so much easier. Especially if I haven’t planned ahead and need to cook meat from frozen. It cuts down the time dramatically for most dishes. Some dishes I don’t see an advantage to using it, but for soups that need to simmer long enough to cook veggies or pot roasts that you didn’t plan ahead for, it is great!!

Oh!! And hard boiled eggs – sounds weird that’s even something to be EGGcited about but I am. (See what I did there? Haha!) 5-5-5 rule, 5 minute cook, 5 minute natural release, 5 minute ice bath. PERFECT every single time!

Probably my favorite use for the CPE is potato salad, specifically the Hot German pictured at the top. This was one of the first recipes, I asked my future mother-in-law for. It took a LOT of time prior to this version. The Express makes it super easy, the cubed potatoes steam in 4-7 minutes. It has really been a game changer. What has been a game changer for you? Do you have some sort of gadget I should check out? Drop me a comment!

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