I’m Unfriending Covid19.

I’ve decided to unfriend Covid19, he’s no fun and creates anxiety. I tried blocking him with hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes but he’s invaded my circle a bit too close for my liking. He’s a bit like a stalker. So I’ve decided to self quarantine.

I made the decision yesterday morning based on some news of contact. I thought it was more responsible for me to maybe over-react and laugh about it later than to under-react and regret it. I wish more would make this choice.

So now I’m home, cozy with a husband working from home (also social distancing – his employer recommended anyone who could work from home do so over a week ago) and a velcro dog that doesn’t know why the heck his schedule has been turned topsy turvy. And the cats, who are loving the extra warm lap to camp on.

And I have my bestie who is also social distancing and we have become each others Covid19 sounding boards and cheerleaders for setting daily goals. We will be each others “down to earth grounding” through this. I urge you to make a schedule and have least one contact out of your home to check in with everyday, to plan the day and make goals. Check on how they are doing, lighten their mood and fears. Someone who can talk you off the edge if needed. I know your situation may be different, but I feel we need to be especially careful of swings of depression and mood changes. Avoid media overload, don’t watch it all day, everyday. Put a plan in place to try to avoid depression by doing something you enjoy each day. Cook, bake, read, exercise, sew, play a game (I’ll be on World of Warcraft for my escape later), try something you haven’t tried before (start a blog!). I think you get my point.

So this brings me to what I am going to do for the next few weeks. I’m still trying to figure it all out. BUT I do know I will be baking, reading, and sewing. This morning I made Amish Baked Oatmeal. It smells fantastic so I will be having a bit of it with some Greek yogurt when I’m done here.

Click here to print recipe for Amish Baked Oatmeal.

I’m hoping the weather breaks soon and I can take velcro dog outside, we both need the movement for sure. And of course, I’ll be here. Trying to make contact with the outside world. Visit me, make comments, and pass me to your friends. I’ll love the company!

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