Instant Pots, Crock Pots, and Skillets! Oh My!

Click here to print Hot German Potato Salad. So a little over a year ago, I convinced myself I probably wouldn’t die from an “Instant Pot Incident”. I did the research and took the plunge. I bought the Crockpot Express thinking I could get rid of my crock pot and consolidate appliances. Haha! Like thatContinue reading “Instant Pots, Crock Pots, and Skillets! Oh My!”

Spring Fever

Click here to print Overnight Cinnamon Rolls. Oh my-lanta! It is really been a gorgeous warm-up this weekend. A very welcome change from the snow and cold. It made me want to throw open the windows and gave me a new energy for grilling and baking! I took full advantage of the spring fever bugContinue reading “Spring Fever”

And It’s Only Tuesday…

I work in customer service. Some weeks are worse than others. This has been a rough week already. And it’s only Tuesday. I’m not sure why people think that just because they can’t see your face, you are just some robot voice on the other end of the telephone line and that it is okContinue reading “And It’s Only Tuesday…”

Quit saving, start cooking!

I’m glad you stopped by! For so many years I have saved recipes, cookbooks, scraps of paper, family scribbling, recipes clipped from packaging and newspapers. Then in the 90’s the world exploded with internet recipes and I printed and put in 3 ring binders, added to MasterCook software, joined and then started my own recipeContinue reading “Quit saving, start cooking!”